Cards for Environmental Healing

Animals are wise and wonderful spiritual guides, but did you know that there are animal guides too small to be seen without a microscope? Microbes can be our animal guides too, if we can get to know them better.

The Microbe Whisperer divination deck, and the accompanying guidebook, can help you learn about the special attributes of 44 microbes or microbe groups, whose special metabolisms clean our soil, water and cycle important gases in our air.

Of the thousands of microbial species scientifically identified, a high percentage of these (about 90%) are good for our bodies and the planet. These microscopic beings are richly diverse in their appearance and their talent to live in the most unusual places on earth.

Thank you for viewing the video here, and for browsing my blogs on these marvelous, microbial animal guides. Welcome, to all Microbe Whisperers!Dr. JeM YinJoy