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Microbe Animal Guides 

Hi! I am JeM YinJoy, Ph.D. Environmental Microbiologist, and the creator of the original artwork and book depicting 44 microbes or microbial communities that keep our planet clean!

I’ve always been interested in microbes, especially the ones that manage to survive against incredible odds, on our world and possibly on others. It turns out that many types of microbes also have the ability to purify our waters and our lands.

As an indigenous woman working within the patriarchal system of research science in the US, I was trained in a Westernized approach to understanding biology and nature. Now, I bring the knowledge of this mainstream scientific training, joined with my genetically ordained gifts, to open minds and hearts to the teachings of these microbial animal guides. Since not everyone knows who these microbial animal guides are, it is my hope that this introduction to 44 microbes or microbial communities, that clean up earth’s environment, will also provide you with intellectual insight and some spiritual guidance too.

Microbe Whisperer Cards for environmental healing, are medicine guide cards with a twist – because the animal guides described here, are microbes. The cards can be used for both divination and education.

In the deck you’ll get 44 cards printed on glossy card stock that are 3 x 5 ½ inches in size.
The cards display original art, depicting portraits of microbes from my unique perspective, as both a microbiologist and a mystic.
A 196-page guidebook accompanies these cards, and describes each of the 44 cards in detail, including the science, the spiritual meaning, and haikus, for each of the microbes, as well as alchemical blessings and layouts for meditation and divination.

The guidebook is available as a PDF file, Kindle, or on a CD, and can be purchased here.
The cards are available too, with a drawstring, sheer organza bag, and can be purchased here.

JeM YinJoy also offers 10 min, 30 min and 60 min readings, using the cards as an animal medicine guide deck.

Check out the other diverse offerings by Microbe Whisperer, on the sidebar and at this link.

Dr. JeM YinJoy

Book Launch on Amazon Kindle!

Announcing the Microbe Whisperer Guidebook launch on Amazon Kindle!

That’s right aspiring Microbe Whisperers! The electronic version of the Microbe Whisperer Guidebook is here!

To find it please go to this link:

With Kindle readers joining us, many new aspiring Microbe Whisperers will learn from the microbe animal guides and enjoy the artwork, the science, the poetry in the Microbe Whisperer Guidebook.

I am grateful to all of you for staying with me as I continue in my journey to introduce the microbes that support Mother Earth to mystical and scientific seekers alike.

In Joy, JeM

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