Shamanic Animal Guides in Volcanic Glass

It is the yearning within the human soul, for something greater, some divine explanation for the upheavals in our external worlds, that motivates us too.
When those of us, especially the most hypersensitive and spiritually awake, find ourselves drowning in the sea of human misery, when the emotional mass of our world becomes so overwhelming, we find ways to leap out of it. A few of us, find a way to make that quantum leap,

3. USA VOTING DAY – Microbes in Winogradsky Column

The success of a perfectly honed interdependent community, by these microbial teachers, is a spiritually significant lesson as the United States of America proceeds to vote for their next President.
It is the lesson of the microbes in this microcosm that we expect from our global leaders.
One community can contribute to another’s success, and all thrive beautifully.