You are probably familiar with Animal Medicine guides. This term refers to the energy or spirit of a particular animal, which is consulted in healing practices and for ritual in many traditions. This includes the one that resonates most strongly with me, the indigenous traditions of the Americas.

In working with the tradition of animal guides, is easy for us to appreciate the majesty of the lion, the playfulness of the otter, and the exuberance of the dolphin as it arcs over the sea, because these animals are large enough for us to observe with the unaided eye.

But microbes and the lessons that they offer are much more difficult to observe by a non-specialist and without a microscope. A microbiologist has the proper tools to observe microbes and the training to understand and appreciate their colors, shapes and sizes. While I worked with these microbes and I learned about their unique natures, I realized that these tiny creatures have much to teach us as microbial guides in the world of spirit.

JeM YinJoy guides you into this world now,  so that you can learn what these microbial guides can teach us, and you, in your journey towards walking more closely with the Divine Spirit.

JeM YinJoy, Ph.D. is a trained bench research scientist from Cornell University. Her Ph.D. dissertation topic applied original research to creating a microbial consortium that helped to remove PCBs (toxic substances) from the Hudson river, in NY, USA.
At the same time she was doing scientific research, she participated in Native American rituals lead by Lakota Elders who visited the lands near by, tended by spiritual seekers like herself. She was involved in her own vision questing, sweat lodges and worked closely with her animal medicine guides.
The combination of her scientific knowledge in environmental microbiology, combined with the shamanic approach to animal medicine guides, has culminated in her creation of these Microbe Whisperer Cards, and Microbe Whisperer Guidebook.