Online Divination

Cards for Environmental Healing

Click For Instructions

  • 1) To Begin, click "Shuffle" to mix the cards while thinking about your question. Click the shuffle button as many times as you like until you feel your energy has made a connection.
  • 2) Clear your mind and open your heart to receive an answer.
  • 3) Chose a card by clicking on it.
  • 4) Read the card.
  • 5) It is best to not ask the same question over and over. However if you would like to ask a new, one card question, follow the directions on the pop-up window, after you get your first reading.

  • Longer readings with the unique card spreads designed by Microbe Whisperer can be obtained by going to the "Contact Me" page and submitting your request by email. The science learning tool can be accessed by clicking here.


Disclaimer – Microbe Whisperer is not responsible for the actions you may take as a result of the online readings you receive. While the readings can provide spiritual insight and guidance, please know that they are subject to interpretation. If you are experiencing imbalances such as confusion, high stress, or depression, you are urged to seek professional help.